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Anderson's 50th Anniversary

Anderson, Alaska.  The townsite was originally inhabited by three homesteaders, Art Anderson, William Devon, and Charles DeWitt, who settled in the Anderson area during the late 1950s.  In 1959, Art Anderson, the town’s namesake, divided his 80-acre homestead into ¼ acre lots and sold the majority of these lots to civilian workers from Clear Air Force Station, 6 miles away.  In the same year, an elementary school was established in Anderson. 


City of Anderson City Hall,  Post Office and DMV
City of Anderson City Hall, Post Office and DMV

The city’s incorporation followed quickly in 1962.  A road was soon completed between Anderson and Nenana, which allowed access North to Fairbanks.  At Nenana, 26 miles North of Anderson, cars had to be ferried across the broad channel of the Tanana River.  In 1968, the state completed a $6 million steel bridge that spanned the Tanana and provided quicker access for Anderson to its northern neighbors.  By 1971, construction of the George Parks Highway allowed Anderson's residents access to Anchorage as well.

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